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Alyssa :)

13th December, 2009. 2:10 pm. I kinda forgot about this.

So, I've kinda forgot about thiss thing.
haa, but it doesn't really matter because no one really reads these anyways. :p
Butttttt, Oh weeell.
So, I've been pretty good lately.
My birthday is on wednesday, i'll be 15.
Christmas is coming up!
I just love december, so much happends.
I went shopping yesterday, and I got some cute clothes.:)

haaa,check out my youtube.

that's when me,abby and lauren went to the movies to see he blind side.
amazing movieee. :)
weeeell, twitter me.

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30th November, 2009. 7:40 pm. twitter.

I changed my twitter!
follow me.

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27th November, 2009. 3:05 pm. Thanksgiving break!

So , yesterday was thanksgiving was yetsterday. :)
Right cxbgnh$#@435qtgjh uygtbSZXYTj6ugfrdxzuc2qdszhu7rdefhyuijhygtij43qft7i8j2g7i <-- abby likes to hit buttons.. :p
anyways right now me and abby are hanging out with her 5th grade cousin, and we're jammin' out to Justin Bieber :D
& her cousion likes the same music as we do.
hahaa, tonight we're going to the movies at 10 to see blind side, adn staying at laurens house.
Twitter me. :)


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13th November, 2009. 9:05 pm. sick, & popcorn.

So I have nothing exciting to say.
I'm sick, I stayed home from school today.
I've basically slept alll day today and yesterday.
But, right now i'm eating popcorn.
On sunday I might go to red robbin for the twins birthday with abby and some other people.
twitterr meee.

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7th November, 2009. 8:28 pm. customized!

So, I just figured how how to like customize the page, and it looks BEAST now. :p
haha, anyways, this is what I did this weekend!
On friday night,  I stayed at Abby's and we went to Jonathan and Brandon's house. & they have a cute puppy and it pooped on my foot, kinda.
& then today we went shopping at easton. very exciting.
So this is my christmas list so far.
-mukluks from pink, the victorias secret place. :p
-Blackberry curve.
-money! $
-maybee a camera.

and for my birthday i want
-Vera bradley bag.

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3rd November, 2009. 7:03 pm. so, i have a boring life.

Nothing exciting has happened to me. But I really wanted to blog today? :D hahaa, well today was slowww and trieddyy. Like, I think everyone in the school was like Blahhh feeling today. But tommorrow's super wednesday so I get to sleep in a little longer. Pretty pumped for thatt. I honestly don't know why I write in this when NOBODY at all reads them. But ya knoww, who cares. :D Well, if someone accually reads my posts you should comment them 0h & Twitter.

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2nd November, 2009. 3:42 pm. Video's from yesterday.

So, yesterday My brothers friends aaron and allen came over, and my friend lauren was over. & we made videos. there beast.
watch them? yes. :)
<BR>it's awful cold here in mother russia. hahahah

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31st October, 2009. 3:59 pm. Friday/saturday.

Well last night I went to the lock in with emily,lauren and ashley. It was pretty fun, but of course there was drama. But, oh well it's over now.  But like they did this thing where like a girl is dressed up as a guy and vise versa and so they had these cute little neon plastic bows and after they were done I asked the lady if I could have them, and she let me. & there cute. :D hahaa, me and emily were in a group together and our leader people's like hated us for some reason and we kepting making a broken heart to one of them ,jake; and he kept getting mad. haha, and Tempitle or whatever her name is was evil. like she'd start yelling and nobody would even listen to her. lol But I didn't sleep there at all and I slept about 45 minutes in the van going home, and then when me and ashley got to emily's we had some good deep conversations. It was a good time. :) But then when I got home, I wasn't tired. But after like a half hour I couldn't keep my eyes open. So I fell straight asleep. Then I woke up, made chicken noodle soup and watched America's Next Top Model, now i'm writing this. :p
Well, no one cares about this, I just felt like writing. goodbye!

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29th October, 2009. 8:25 pm. I'm new at this. :)

  So I just made this, and I really have no Idea what it is but Megan said it was fun, so I made it. :)
Well today, was pretty good. Even tho all I did was go to school. :p But, it was accually fun. but quarterly assessment's totally suck. That's all we've done this week. But we don't have to come into school untill 10 o' clock. So that's goood. :D & I stayed with my friend Abby last night and the night before! haha. I love this week.
Tommorrow after school i'm going to Emily's house then going to a lock- in at OCU with Lauren,Ashley,emily, and whoever emily brings. :p but i'm pumped.
Well, I guess that's all for today. :)
-alyssa! :)

Yesterday we just walk around because it was trick -or- treat. So at first we had hats on.
Then we had cheerleading uniforms on and lauren had her eskimo contume on
thenn we decided just to go normal and jackie stopped people and asked to take pictures with their children :D

it was alot of fun. :)

I just walked up to people and put my hands out and they gave me some candy, but I didn't accually go trick -or-treating we just walked around with guys. :)

Current mood: creative.

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